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I am currently living at the Sunshine Coast of Australia.  Previously in America I was a watchmaker, clockmaker, jeweler. I got started in 1976 so many repairs have crossed my workbench. I did mostly  watch repair, probably 200 per week, and a dozen clock repairs each  week, plus did house calls on floor clocks. Since moving to Australia I have owned two other businesses. I can be reached at or click Contact Me. Maybe I can help.


The trade is no longer a  journeyman occupation as when my grandfather used to be a railroad watch inspector. Same with me. I used to overhaul 25 mechanical watches a day, an hour for each unit @ $8.50 per unit (back then in the late 70's). Next step was electronic watches and needed an oscilloscope and microscope for repairing fine wires and troubleshooting. I raised a family, bought a house, and several cars on this wage. The main thing is that I thoroughly enjoy watchmaking, clockmaking, web design, repairing phones and coding. If you are interested in this line of life I would like to help point you in the right direction.


My old home town is Decatur, Illinois, USA and now live at Maroochydore, Queensland, Australia, a five minute walk to the surf..

Watchfixer: Watch-Clock-iPhone-Web Developer-Computer Repair     07 5475-4744      0406 478 249